Webinar Topics & Format

The interactive format of Creating Welcoming Learning Communities is meant to ensure that the topics being discussed are relevant and meet the needs of educators in the field who are supporting the successful integration of refugee students into schools. 

Winter 2017 Webinar Topics

  • Trauma and adaptation in children and adolescents
  • Social determinants of health/ healthy living
  • Addressing Islamophobia and preventing radicalization
  • Youth transitions to work and post-secondary
  • Indigenous and immigrant students’ relations
  • Confronting racism
  • Hope and resilience
  • Peace education/ education for peace

Fall 2016 Webinar Topics

  • Creating welcoming learning spaces | Watch video
  • Understanding Refugee Experiences | Watch video
  • Supporting both English as an additional language and first language development | Watch video
  • Communicating about school culture | Watch video
  • Strategies for engaging refugee children in learning | Watch video
  • Assessing refugee children’s learning | Watch video
  • Building partnership with families and communities | Watch video
  • Facilitating a sense of belonging | Watch video

Live Webinar Format

Each webinar in the series will be broadcast live using Adobe Connect. A web link will be provided to anyone who wants access. Feel free to join the webinar as an individual or a group. Ensure you have speakers that will allow participants on your end to hear the audio clearly.

Questions will be accepted via text in the online platform or audio/video. If using audio/video, please ensure you have a microphone setup and arrive a few minutes early to do a sound check with our technicians. Technical support will be available at each session.

Each webinar will follow the same format:

  • Moderator to introduce topic
  • Presenter(s) to speak for 5-10 minutes
  • Questions from participating schools

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Live Webinar Follow-up

Questions not answered during a live webinar session can be submitted online.

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After each webinar airs live, the recording will be posted to this site. Key learning sheets and questions to guide ongoing conversation in schools will be posted to the Resources section.